Businesses of all sizes can use Addicnet to Deploy, Manage, and Scale their critical Applications

Cloud Application Platform New Service

We power the most demanding modern web applications. Reduce DevOps to a simple configuration file and focus on your app, instead of infrastructure. We build and deploy your apps – containerized in seconds – for every experiment. Flawlessly run and scale in any dimension. With End-to-end process automation, you can Fix bugs, upgrade to new software versions, or apply security patches in minutes (not days). Node, Python, Go, PHP, Java, MySQL, Redis, Elastic and more … click together and deploy.

Managed Cloud and CDN Service

A public cloud management for enterprise and SMB’s. We have mastered the best leading clouds; focus on your core business while we fully manage your infrastructure. We compute, migrate, monitor, backup, optimize and analyze 24/7. Launch your product and services on high-performance, auto-scaling infrastructure platform and cut cost by paying for only resources they actually use. No need to wait for loading time, your request always routed to the nearest point of presence (POP) through a global network.

Cloud Backup and Enterprise file Sync and Share

A unique approach to cloud backup, fused with an artificial intelligence to analyze and organize their data. Built on AWS with enterprise-grade performance and state-of the art security and a file sync and share solution that is hosted on your server and manage by yourself. It’s a new way to bring File Sharing, Sync, and mobile access to your existing file storage. Complete On-premise server deployments to avoid leakage and control of your data.

Managed E-commerce

An innovative e-commerce solution that creates B2B and B2C commerce platforms with an advanced feature for businesses on the fully managed model with Product information management, Omnichannel approach. Multi-Vendor Marketplace, E-commerce Store, Dropshipping Store, Rewards/Cashback, and Contents&Commerce. We custom build your solution or we migrate your existing ecommerce project onto our platform and fully manage.

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