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Why Cloud

Utilization of cloud significantly improve business operations than businesses without it. It presents, convenience, scalability, agility, security, reliability and cost effectiveness.

The time has come for businesses, agencies, content creators, developers, to launch their product and services on high-performance, auto-scaling infrastructure platform and cut cost by paying for only resources they actually use. No need to wait for loading time, your request always routed to the nearest point of presence (POP) through a global network, all fully managed by us.

Enterprise model

Your cloud, Our expertise

Starting from $400 / month

In this model, we offer a free consultation on cloud strategy to organizations in selecting the best cloud infrastructure that suits your business. After giving the best option, you create your own account on the infrastructure and we migrate or deploy your application and fully manage your cloud for you. We manage your cloud investments so as to optimize spend, eliminate waste, and improve security and compliance throughout their cloud journey. Payment for the platform is separated from our management services. We charge a one-time setup fee and 2.5% management fee on your IaaS

SMB’s model

Your Cloud, Our expertise

Starting from $40 / month

As a startup or growing business, your focus should be on innovation and sales, your infrastructure is our business. We do SFTP,LAMP,SSH,Mail Integration,CDN Integration,PhpMyAdmin With Secure Port,Automatic Backup,Website Modification Report,DNS Mapping,SSL Integration,Resource Monitoring Notification,Server Activity Monitoring. Tell us your business needs and we would set you up on the best IaaS fully managed. We charge a one-time setup fee and 2.5% management fee on your IaaS

Human support, 24/7, expert team always there to assist.

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