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Intelligent Cloud Backup Solution

A unique approach to cloud backup fused an artificial intelligence (A.I) to analyze and organize your file. A.I photo detection, facial & photo recognition, video and audio streaming, content search (e-discovery) OCR (optical character recognition) engine and so much more.

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Enterprise File sync and Share Solution

Become a Cloud Service Provider by providing a Dropbox alternative for your users that keeps you in control of their data while reducing costs by 50-80%. At the same time, you move the customer’s file server to your data center and provide a business continuity solution for your customers.

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Addictel Partner Program

Addictel enables partners to build their own white labeled Cloud backup and end-to-end file share, sync, and mobile access solution. Our branded partner Service provider licensing agreement provides flexible cost structure and allows partners to pay the software licensing and revenue sharing. Customize the computer client and replace logos and URLs to reflect your own company identity. Take full advantage of all the services that the technology has to offer. Should you need it, we can also provide a range of marketing collateral.

Business and User benefits

Innovative and secure cloud services for your customers

A powerful, white-label platform for managing and sharing content in the cloud

Improved customer stickiness and innovation levels

A quick return on investment with minimal upfront investment and expenses

Added value that differentiates you from your competitors

Online access, backup and sync of all files and data in the cloud, coupled with advanced sharing and streaming capabilities

Access to all of their files and folders from anywhere using mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android, or any web browser

Complete “take the PC with you” capabilities and secure backup features for all of their content, across all their devices

The useful and enjoyable experience of being able to access and share documents anytime and anywhere

The Value-Added Service (VAS) of innovation, through access to and sharing of their content anytime and anywhere

Our business model has been built on relationships and trust, that means partnering with us, is a win-win situation coupled with top notch technology to help you grow your business.

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