Can You Secure Data While Enabling Remote Access and Collaboration?

In the last 12 months, 500 million financial records have been stolen in data breaches and other hacks [Insureon].

Someone is trying to access your data, even as you read this. In today’s digital world, the persistent threat of cyberattacks is the greatest enemy to a financial institutions ability to collaborate with their clients outside the physical walls of a face-to-face meeting. As a result, management is often faced with an “either/or” decision: give their staff the collaboration tools they need to be productive or keep their data secure from hackers and other cyber-criminals.

Modern Threats Cost Your Business

  • Average small business pays
    up to $1 Mil after a cyber-attack[Ponemon Institute]
  • 60% of companies will go out of
    business in less than 6-months
    following a cyber-attack [U.S.
    National Cyber Security Alliance]

Addictel Difference:

  • Secure, fast access to your data
    from any location with any device
  • Maintain compliance with full
    security controls over all your data
  • Minimize training with mapped
    drives and other familiar interfaces
  • Maximize data protection
  • Prevent Ransomware

Data: Your Digital Currency

But your business operates on client data and the confidential information you accumulate and share back and forth with your customers. That data acts as a type of “digital currency” touching every aspect of your business including the ability to store and maintain your customer’s financial, tax and receipt information. While you do your best to protect that data, storing, sharing, and working from a device or a productivity tool that sends your data to a 3rd party cloud, exposes this precious digital currency to a host of modern threats that seek to penetrate your database and immobilize operations.

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Who Else Has Access to Your Data?

Productivity tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox take productivity to an entirely new level. Client statements and updates can be shared, transmitted, uploaded and stored with just the click of a button. Business productivity is greater than ever before and employees expect these tools to be available to them and customers expect their information to remain safe.

But there are modern threats that seek to intercept your data. Real and imminent threats lurk behind the veil of productivity. Every time a file is transmitted onto a third party cloud or opened on a mobile device, your data is exposed. Modern threats such as ransomware can hold your data ransom in exchange for dollars. Data theft from a disgruntled employee or targeted social engineering designed to bait and trick employees into accidentally clicking on an infected link can quickly give criminals access to your data.

Addictel gives you the controls to:

  • Detect Ransomware, Wipe Remote Files and Restrict Access when needed
  • Track file changes and audit user activity so you are never caught off-guard
  • Provide policy-based governance of access and collaboration
  • Integrate your antivirus software for deeper security
  • Maintain your data on-premise to maintain compliance and regulatory controls

Choose Addictel to maximize the value of your digital currency while keeping modern threats out of your business.

The fact is that tools like Antivirus and Backup do a great job of protecting against certain threats, but data governance is often overlooked or sacrificed for productivity needs. File sharing tools like Dropbox generally increase the exposure of your data as it is exposed to third party clouds, and internal safeguards that make it vulnerable to modern threats. These types of threats target the everyday transactions of your organizations forcing many businesses to make a choice between security or productivity

But you shouldn’t have to choose.

Addictel Combines Productivity & Data Governance Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between productivity and security. Addictel combines the productivity that is expected from file sync and share tools like Dropbox with features that are focused on data governance.

With Addictel,
you can now: